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The Webster University Film Series, St. Louis' cinematic alternative since 1979, is a nationally known and recognized year-round film exhibition program. The Midwest's premiere hosting venue for American and foreign features, documentaries, classic and experimental cinema, and national and international artist presenting their work, the Series represents a genuine cinematic alternative in the St. Louis community.

Additionally, the Webster University Film Series has become the location for many national tours of international cinema, often acting as the only such venue in Missouri. The Series is host to speakers and visiting artists who address the pertinent issues in films presented. In an effort to further integrate film with education, the Film Series provides workshops with artists and experts.

For more information call (314) 968-7487.

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Upcoming Events

The Delinquents

(Rodrigo Moreno, 2023, Argentina/Brazil, 190 minutes) A hit at many of the major festivals this year (Cannes, Toronto, New York), Rodrigo Moreno’s The...

12/3 6pm
American Fiction

A special advance screening exclusive to Webster University. Not open to the general public. (Cord Jefferson, 2023, USA, 117 minutes) American Fiction is...

12/5 7pm
Orlando, My Political Biography

(Paul B. Preciado, 2023, France, 99 minutes) If the highest-grossing narrative film of the year can have 13 people playing Barbie, why not have one of the...

12/7 7pm
Once Within a Time with shorts by Jess Pierce and Matt Amato

(Godfrey Reggio, 2023, USA, 52 minutes) Since his 1982 breakthrough with Koyaanisqatsi, experimental-leaning documentarian (or is it documentarian-leaning...

12/12 7pm
The Strangler

(Paul Vecchiali, 1970, France, 97 minutes) Released in 1970 France, prior to the genre boom in Italy that came a few years later, Paul Vecchiali’s giallo...

12/14 7pm

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