Brown Bag Research Series: Whistleblower Protection Failure in the United Nations - Narratives of Retaliation & Resilience

The Implications for Human Rights and Global Governance


Date: Wednesday, June 3rd 2020

Time: 13h00 - 14:00

Speaker: Caroline Hunt-Matthes

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United Nations Staff narratives and UN Tribunal legal decisions of a decade of whistleblower protection failure (2006-2016) spear headed welcome reform of the broken United Nations whistleblower protection system in 2017. 


Preliminary Research post 2017 indicates that grave structural dysfunction in the UN whistleblower protection mechanisms continue.


As the global guardian of Human Rights, and advocate of Social Justice  the United Nations whose staff  fear the consequences of retaliation for complying with the duty to report misconduct  stand at a crossroads to take responsibility in the light of new evidence.

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Caroline Hunt-Matthes Biography:

Bio Caroline Hunt-Matthes is an Independent Investigations Practitioner, specializing in the field of sexual and gender-based violence. She has an MPA from Harvard University, and is trained as a Human Rights lawyer. 

She was the founding Editor of the European Journal for Criminal Policy and Research at the Dutch Ministry of Justice in the Hague prior to serving as a civilian peacekeeper and United Nations staff member for 15 years including the pioneering United Nations human rights field mission to Rwanda in 1994. She continues to train military and civilians prior to their deployment with UN peacekeeping missions. She has championed the importance of safe reporting channels as the foundation of International Protection as a UN whistleblower in the longest litigation in UN history (2004-2018). Her research focus is whistleblower protection in international organisations.


She currently teaches Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity and Ethics at Grenoble Business School (GEM), and is a member of faculty at Webster University, Geneva.

In addition to social justice, she is passionate about Nature and was the founding member, trustee and Chair to Natures Rights Charity until 2018 and is a co-author of The Hague Principles which embody human responsibility in relationship to earth stewardship. She is currently a board member of the Earth Focus Foundation in Geneva and an advisor to the Global Geneva magazine.


Her Publications include:

Hunt, C. (2000). “Alternative Sanctions: An American Experiment in incorporating Youth Rights- An approach for the 21st Century”  in ed Pickford, J. Youth Justice; Theory and Practice. England: Cavendish Publishing.

Hunt- Matthes, C. & Shishkova, E. (2005). Optimizing Service to the Field. United Nations: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Whistleblowing Systems - A guide CSA Group, Canada 2016 (Co - author)

Hunt-Matthes, C. & Gallo, P.A. (2017). The UN Whistleblowing Protection Gap: Implications for Governance, Human Rights and Risk Management, in eds. Lewis, D. & Vandekerckhove, W. (2017).  Selected papers from the International Whistleblowing Research Network conference Oslo June 2017. London: International Whistleblowing Research Network. ISBN 978-0-9571384-2.

Hunt-Matthes, C. (2018). Safe Reporting Channels in Humanitarian Space and UN Peacekeeping, A Core Protection Challenge. The Irish Defence Forces Review, Dublin: Eire.



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Wednesday, June 3

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