Student Generated Practice Test Questions: Does Quantity Matter?

Heather Mitchell, Associate Professor, Dept. of Psychology


10:00-10:30 am, Library Conference Room (Library 120)

Students may be in need of more critical thinking or metacognitive skills necessary for college success. The current research investigated students’ use of practice testing to increase understanding of psychological concepts in introductory and upper level psychology courses.  All students in a General Psychology and an Applied Learning course had the opportunity to participate in this study. Participants used 50-minute classes to create practice test questions for each exam. These questions were used to create practice tests provided to all students. Students were encouraged to take and use the practice test as they studied for the upcoming exam.

The practice exams varied in length and style because of the bottom up approach used in their creation. Practice tests with fewer questions generally led to better exam scores. Specifically, Exam 2 practice test in general psychology contained 58 questions, and the Exam 2 average test score (M =79.46 (SD = 10.55) was significantly better than the exam 1 average score (M= 71.52, SD= 11.78). Additionally,  Psyc 3325 Exam 3 practice test contained 40 questions, and the Exam 3 average test score (M =88.8 (SD = 8.53) was significantly better than the exam 1 average score (M= 79.8, SD= 11.42).


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Tuesday, February 12, 2019 at 10:00am to 10:30am

Emerson Library, Library Conference Room (120)
101 Edgar Road, 63119


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