RAD (Research Across Disciplines) Fall 2018

Keynote Speaker Dr. Jim Spain

Dr. Jim Spain earned a BS in Animal Sciences from North Carolina State University and completed his Master of Science and Doctorate in Dairy Science at Virginia Tech.  He joined the University of Missouri as Extension Dairy Specialist in 1990. He has given 300+ invited talks on dairy cattle nutrition/management (MO, 30 states, 12 countries). He has been Principal or Co-investigator on grants of 6.5 Million dollars. He has co-authored 26 peer reviewed articles, two book chapters and numerous abstracts, trade and extension publications.  He was honored for teaching/advising with MU’s top honors: Kemper Fellowship; Missouri Governor’s Award for Teaching Excellence; MU’s Excellence in Advising Award. In August 2007, he began serving as the MU’s Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies – a position he describes as MU’s “advocate for undergraduate teaching and learning”.  In December 2010, he was named Vice Provost for eLearning and led the reorganization of MU’s distance education program (Mizzou Online).  Spain co-edited a book on teaching, The Pursuit of Teaching Excellence.  The book’s chapters were authored by MU’s Kemper Fellows and was published in 2015.  Effective February 1, 2018, Dr. Spain served as MU’s Interim Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor from February 1 to  August 15, 2018. 

Conference Overview

Friday, December 7

9:20 am – 2:45 pm

9:20 am WebEx Session I
East Academic Building (EAB), Room 133
11:00 am Keynote Speech
James Spain, Vice President for Undergraduate Studies & E-Learning at University of Missouri-Columbia
Browning Hall (ISB) 160 Auditorium
12:00 pm 
Oral Presentation Session I - EAB 234
Oral Presentation Session II - EAB 238
Oral Presentation Sesssion III - EAB 239
Oral Presentation Session IV - ISB 160
First Year Seminar Poster Session - EAB 137
WebEx Session II - ISB 140
1:00 pm 
Oral Presentation Session V - EAB 133
Poster Session -  ISB 1st Floor Commons
2:00 pm 
Oral Presentation Session VI - EAB 136
Oral Presentation Session VII - EAB 137
Large Creative Display - EAB 134
WebEx Session III - EAB 133

Lunch available for presenters and sponsors after Keynote Speech.

Parking - Park at the Garden Park Plaza parking garage (all levels are open for visitors on conference day) across the road from the EAB. Browning Hall (ISB) is connected to the EAB. 

Address - Garden Park Plaza, 574 Garden Ave, Webster Groves, MO 63119

Presentation Schedule

Friday, December 7

9:20 am East Academic Building | Room 133
• Capturing Culture: Reality as Seen Through an Outsider's Lens
Ilayda Edali via WebEx from Cha-am, Thailand
• The Effect of Selected Intrinsic and Extrinsic Cues on Perceived Quality of Textbooks Sold Online
Ruslan Tagiev via WebEx from Vienna, Austria
• Normal versus Natural
Kendall Cygan via WebEx from Leiden, Netherlands

KEYNOTE SPEECH: 11 AM | Browning Hall Auditorium

12:00 pm East Academic Building | Room 234
• Conscientious Tourism: A New Approach to "Ethical" Tourism using Thailand as a Case Study
Alexandra Lubbe
• Does Minimum Wage Drive Unemployment?
Michael McSwain
• Recycling or Relegating? Examining the Effects of the International Second-Hand Clothing Trade using the Greater Accra Region of Ghana as Case Study
Lauren Handley 

12:00 pm East Academic Building | Room 238
• Predicting the Avocado Market
Seth Marek
• Differential Conditioning to Test Olfactory Memory and Retention in Pogonomyrmex Occidentalis
Tucker Hively
• Learning Photography in the Age of YouTube: Self-Directed Skill Building Using Social Media
Patrick McGuirk

12:00 pm East Academic Building | Room 239
• Eliminating Opposition: The Belt Road Initiative and Security Implications for the Mediterranean as China Leverages Economic Influence
Dayla Ramsey
• Lack of Menstrual Equity in Missouri's Female Prisons 
Alexis Pettay
• Analysis of U.S. School Shootings
Erika Valenzuela

12:00 pm Interdisciplinary Science Building | Room 160 Auditorium
• Effects of Instrumental Music on Stress
Alexandria Bentley
• An Experimental Examination of Trauma-Informed Touch: Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs) and Cortisol Reactivity
Carrie Burnett
• Stigma and the Spectrum: Measuring Undergraduate Perceptions of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Damian Deener

1:00 pm
• Does Personality Have an Effect on Who Gets Promoted? An Analysis of Introverts and Extraverts in the Job Market
Rachel Downey
• Diet choice as a predictor of personality:  An expedition to clarify the personality trait differences between a sample of Vegetarians and a sample of non-Vegetarians
David Gunderson 
• Diving into the Uncanny Valley: Perceived Human Qualities of Robotic Stimuli
Jenna Metzger

2:00 pm
• Opening Minds, Changing Lives: A Single-Case Examination of Art Therapy among Individuals with Alzheimer's Disease
Reese Moore
• Social anxiety and response to touch 
Madeleine Cain and Rachel Fredrick

12:00 pm Interdisciplinary Science Building | Conference Room 140
• An Analysis of Political Discourses Relating to the Border Modification of Kosovo
Brian Ruth
• The Economics of Happiness: A case study comparing Finland to the United States
Usha Palaniswamy

1:00 pm
• Sex positive attitudes of university psychology students
Catherine Schook
• Effect of Corporate Governance on Stock Buyback
Samuel Obatusin
• The Impact of Government Control On International Trade
Samuel Obatusin

2:00 pm
• Success Strategies Saudi Entrepreneurs Used to Navigate Through Regulations in Jeddah
Farah Spencer


12:00 pm East Academic Building | Room 137

1:00 pm East Academic Building | Room 133 
• Is Restorative Justice a Viable Solution to Stopping the School-to-Prison Pipeline?
Heather McCord
• KEYS 4019: The Art of Social Engagement Showcase
Carol Williams
• Dismantling the Delmar Divide 
Joshua Krakos

1:00 PM Interdisciplinary Science Building | 1st Floor Commons
• Validity and Reliability of the Verbal Naming Test 
Kathleen Lamb, Annie Sha, Matthew Wynn, Brian Yochim, and Brian Carpenter
• Working With Refugees: What To Know and Why It Matters
Chelsea Mayo and Jehan Ganachaud
• Characterization of Novel Bacteriophage using the host Microbacterium foliorum
Abigail Barker, Lauryn French, Camryn Paulik, Jarred Bailey, Cody Ruhl, and Manuela Garrecht
• Greater Positive Psychology Traits Predict Improved Psychological Outcomes for Women
Amelia Dorsey and Elizabeth Street
• Comparing PO and IV acetaminophen for Reducing Postoperative Narcotic Requirements in Bariatric Surgery
Matt Cummens and Wade Cramer
• Mechanisms involved in the synthesis of allelopathic chemicals in Lonicera maackii 
Alisa Coralic
• Exploiting Polyfluorophenyl-Phenyl Interactions to Achieve a Series of Quantitative Cross-Photodimerizations in the Solid State
Fayeshun Brown
• Turning Experiential Learning into Transformative Experiences for Webster Students
Rea Bedalli

2:00 pm Interdisciplinary Science Building | Room 136
• The Ability to Take up Space as an Indigenous Woman Through Ecofeminism 
Elizabeth Stanza
• Coherent Marijuana Messaging
Ryan Quinones

2:00 pm Interdisciplinary Science Building | Room 136
• Predicting the Spread of Disease with R Software 
Kris Hickman
• The Social Construction of Marriage 
Patti Hayes
• The Lyric Lab: Inspiring the Next Generation of Songwriters
Annalyse Crowdus

2:00 pm East Academic Building | Room 133
• The Power of Words
Suzanne Preston-Mroz

2:00 pm East Academic Building | Room 134
• United States History in the Twentieth Century
Christian Hargas

Friday, December 7, 2018 at 9:20am to 2:45pm

East Academic Building
545 Garden Ave. 63119

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