"The Looking Glass" Livestream: Mindfulness Through Photography Practice by Athena Carey


Date: Thursday, May 14th 2020

Time: 18:00

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We all live in a hectic world – partially of our own making. Even in externally quiet moments, our minds are busily chattering away with what ifs and rehashes of what was. It can be difficult to find the path to calm within this clamour. During these confusing pandemic times, the internal chatter is likely louder than ever. But in this very moment, most of us are quite likely fine and acknowledging that through mindfulness practice can provide a reprieve from the stress and worry.


In this episode of  "The Looking Glass", Francesco Arese Visconti will discuss with Athena Carey what mindfulness is, how it can help us in during the pandemic and how we can access it through photography practice (even in lockdown).


During the event, there will be a short example session that participants can join in. No special equipment is required. Each activity can be done with a camera as simple as the one in your phone. No special skills are required. You can be a camera expert or notice, a meditation guru or complete beginner. You only need to bring the willingness to slow down, to see and capture the present moment and to reflect on your experience.


BIO - Athena Carey:

Athena Carey is a multi award winning fine art photographer specializing in long exposure and black and white photography. She is widely recognized for her ability to capture the emotional essence of place and time within her images.


Her academic background lies in both psychology and photography - BA psychology, BA photography, Masters of Fine Art Photography. Professionally, she has experience in portrait, landscape, travel and conceptual photography. Currently, she leads photography tours and workshops internationally, teaches fine art photography both online and locally, runs a Mindfulness Through Photography course and is also working on two large personal projects - English Follies and Balkan Spomeniks.




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Thursday, May 14, 2020

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