26th International Humanitarian & Security Conference: Humanitarian Action in Time of Global Crises

Renewing Multilateral Cooperation and Humanitarian Action to Protect Migrants, Refugees and Vulnerable Populations in a Time of Pandemic

Date: 9-10 November 2021
In-Person Event: The International Conference Center of Geneva (CICG) 

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The International Relations Department of Webster University Geneva is very pleased to announce that its 26th Annual International Humanitarian and Security Conference will take place on 9-10 November 2021 at the Geneva International Conference Centre of (CICG). This year’s conference will address the highly topical issues of the current worldwide crises, the need for renewing international cooperation with particular emphasis on the urgent need to strengthen the protection of refugees, migrants and other groups of vulnerable people in a time of a worldwide pandemic.

As it has been the tradition since the first conference held in 1996, the program of these annual conferences organized every year for the last quarter century by the faculty and students of Webster University will include 30 to 35 highly experienced speakers coming from international organizations, NGOs, universities and research organizations, government agencies and the private sector. Over the last twenty-five years, several hundred humanitarian professionals have shared their experiences, preoccupations and reflections on the future on a theme jointly selected by the conference organizers and our contacts in the principal Geneva-based humanitarian organizations. The Webster Humanitarian Conferences have always benefitted from the support and participation of the Government of the Canton and Republic of Geneva, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), as well as other major international humanitarian organizations.

The world today faces a series of major crises affecting small and large countries alike. Some of these are the direct result or have been aggravated by the rise of nationalism and by attacks against multilateral cooperation and international solidarity. These crises include the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on health and on economic and social conditions, the difficult and slow progress in dealing with climate change, the worsening of the situation and prospects of large segments of the populations on all continents and the growing difficulties to provide effective protection and relief to the most vulnerable among them, in particular to refugees and migrants. The current crises and future threats are aggravated by some of the shortcomings of globalization and by the misguided response of a return to a world of closed borders and discrimination.

The the central theme of the 2021 Webster Humanitarian Conference will be the need and the prospects of renewing international cooperation and multilateral action especially in the humanitarian area.

The 2021 conference will deal with the current climate, health, political, economic, and migratory crises and future prospects around the following four major set of issues:

The current crises and their humanitarian, economic, political, social and environmental consequences especially on refugees and migrants

The situation of refugees and migrants and other groups of vulnerable people in the world and how to renew their protection and integration in countries of origin, transit and destination

The principal actors of international cooperation (governments, international organizations, NGOs, civil society and the private sector at the international, regional and local levels) and the need to strengthen effective multilateralism and

The need to reaffirm concrete cooperation in abiding by fundamental common values and legal principles and rules for the respect of human life and dignity and to effectively implement solidarity with the most vulnerable groups across the world.

This conference is organized in cooperation with the Webster Humanitarian Association (WHA), and the university’s longstanding partners, the Government of the Canton and Republic of Geneva, the ICRC and the UNHCR. The event is open to the public and free-of-charge. Participants are encouraged to register in advance on the Webster University Geneva website.

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Tuesday, November 9

More dates through November 10, 2021

International Conference Center Geneva (CICG)
17 rue de Varembé CH - 1211 Geneve

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Webster University Geneva


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