East Academic Building

he $29 million, 94,323-square-foot EAB houses the George Herbert Walker School of Business and Technology as well as other programs and services. With 31 classrooms, 10 large computer labs, 48 offices, and two large lobbies, the new building features the most up-to-date instruction design and technology. It opened in March, 2012.

545 Garden Ave. 63119

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Webster Groves Home Campus

Upcoming Events

Walker Seminar: Big Picture Thinking (Monday Evening Section)

Modern business finds itself in an increasing complicated and ever-changing environment. This course introduces students to “Big Picture Thinking.” Big...

4/22 5:30pm
3 Credit Hour Walker Seminar:  In Pursuit of P.U.R.P.O.S.E

Defined as “the reason for which something is done, created or exists,” purpose is a trending topic that must be investigated, interpreted, and invoked. ...

4/24 5:30pm
Walker Seminar:  Fear NOT!

Fear cripples, stifles, and hinders performance. Fear also causes negative thinking, avoidance behaviors, poor decision-making, and procrastination. While...

4/26 5:30pm
Walker Seminar:  Fear NOT!

Fear cripples, stifles, and hinders performance. Fear also causes negative thinking, avoidance behaviors, poor decision-making, and procrastination. While...

4/27 8:30am
Gala Affair

The Gala Affair is to celebrate our students. Celebrating Melanin, Hard Work, a successful year and more! With Live performances, music and food it’ll be a...

4/27 7:45pm

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