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Starfish for Faculty Advisors & Professional Advisors

This training will demonstrate the usefulness of the advising tools within Starfish and the benefits of using the system. An overview of notes,...

9/25 10am
Narrowing the Funnel Using Starfish Filters

Starfish has many ways that advisors, faculty, and staff can leverage information to identify specific student populations. Learn how to filter by course,...

10/2 12pm
ARC Tutoring Program and Writing Center Overview

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) offers tutoring and writing assistance for free to all students. In this session, you will learn how to connect your...

10/7 2pm
Understanding the ADA Accommodations Process

Learn more about Webster’s ADA accommodations process, what faculty can do to support students in the process, how to handle student disclosure and students...

10/30 2pm
The Finals Game Plan

This workshop is designed for students and will help them put together a game plan for preparing for finals.

11/13 4:30pm

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