Central Time Events

Thursday, April 18

AAAC Presents - Quad Party

Come hang out with classmates and meet new friends as the AAAC presents a "lit" barbecue to celebrate the end of the semester

Cookies & Condoms

For Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Join us for an evening with Planned Parenthood and an interactive trivia game to debunk common myths about sex,...

Return of the Living Dead

(Dan O’Bannon, 1985, USA, 91 minutes) With credits on films like Alien and Total Recall, Dan O’Bannon making a horror-comedy on the order of Return of the...

Senior Recital: Sophie Shugart, soprano

Sophie Shugart, soprano, presents a senior recital in partial fulfillment of the degree Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance. Ms. Shugart is a recipient of...

Thursday, April 18