University Center

The University Center provides facilities, services and activities that enhance the social, educational and recreational involvement of the campus community. It is home to the fitness center, Grant Gym, the pool and the Student Government Association.

175 Edgar Rd, Webster Groves, MO 63119

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Webster Groves Home Campus




Mon–Thurs 7:30 am–midnight Fri 7:30 am–10 pm Sat 9 am–5 pm Sun Closed




Upcoming Events

Webster's Comic Celebration II

Our Second Annual Comic Celebration is happening on the 29th, the Monday after break! We're taking over the UC commons with comic book shop vendors, artists...

10/29 2:30pm
Online, Military, and Metro Campus Graduation Reception

Graduation reception for students who took online courses or at one of our military or metro campuses. Online Student Awards are also handed out at this event.

5/10/2019 4pm

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Allison Labaali

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Really enjoyed the presentation, food, and company. Sad I had to leave early. Loved the tagine! I look forward to attending more events like this! Thanks ISA!

Heba Youssef

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