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Centennial Lecture: Forms of Dance

Centennial Lecture: Forms of Dance 11/13 12:00pm


The Jean and Wells Hobler Center for Dance will host a demonstration of dance techniques

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Caroline Penberthy

Caroline Penberthy left a positive review 3/27/2015

Fantastic! It was hard to believe these actors/actresses were students, the dances, songs, interpretations were so authentic, we sat on the edge of our seats. My granddaughter and friend, (10 year olds) were enthralled. I delighted in the songs and shared my enthusiasm when I walked out the door singing, "Someone out there loves me Warts and All" It left us all in a festive mood. Even the contemporary focus on dealling with bullies and kidnappers, was tastefull done not overdone, but suitable to children's audience. Can't say enough good about the Theatre group at Webster Fantastic!!!

Gary Wilson

Gary Wilson left a review 10/7/2014

It was excellent. Sarah Harman was phenomenal. She was on stage for almost the entire production and went through more costume changes than I can remember in any other show--most of them right on stage. The rest of the cast was also very good.

Chorsie Martin II

Chorsie Martin II left a positive review 9/21/2014

John Quinones was entertaining friendly and informative.

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