A Stronger Webster - LIVE WebEx Discussion

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The president and provost invite all domestic extended campus and international network faculty and staff about ideas, and steering committee proposals and possible solutions to an interactive online forum. The University faces challenges and we invite your participation as we look toward transformational solutions.


All live WebEx discussion forums will occur simultaneously at 10 am CST on May 10. You MUST register in advance.


In preparation for these meetings, you will want to review the ideas generated by our steering committee process which can be found now in the communications portal.


Choose a discussion topic and register with the link below.


Topic #1: "Improvements for Efficiency"

Topic #2: "Fundraising & Partnerships"

Topic #3: "Preparing Students for Careers and Society"

Topic #4: "Steering Committee Ideas"


If you are having technical difficulties registering, please reach out to the service desk for technical help and advise you are trying to register for a Webster hosted WebEx meeting.  Webster University Service Desk: 1-866-435-7270 or support@webster.edu.

Thursday, May 10, 2018 at 10:00am to 11:00am

WebEx https://websteru.webex.com/


President's Office, Provost's Office


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